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You likely have some questions...

About $1 per day. $29.99 a month. We promote you a minimum of ten minutes everyday through a custom showcase.

We are an affordable way for serious songwriters to showcase their music worldwide. Our focus is helping country music songwriters gain exposure.

In mid-2022, Songwriter’s Radio Network was founded by life-long singer/songwriter, Ken Dravis.

We’re a grassroots company with old-school integrity. We're founded and grounded on Christian principles, and based in the USA.

Our internet radio station strengthens unsigned, up and coming artists to reveal the backstory of their songs directly with new fans from around the world.

We focus on what’s important to serious songwriting artists who really want to be discovered.

This is a great question!

The vast majority of songwriting artists have spent years being creative, honing talents and improving their songs. Many of us have literally spent thousands of dollars on instruments and equipment, or we’ve gone into studios to create good sounding recordings.  

But most of us are missing one of the most important steps. Promotion. (Think about it.)

Major labels spend $500,000-$2M on artist promotion. Why do they do that? Because it’s the most important step. They need to get their artists in front of listening audiences.

For unsigned singer/songwriters, the cost and know-how of promotion has been an elusive, overwhelming. Therefore, real promotion feels intangible so we do the best we can and hope for the best.

Like the big names, independent artists also need to capture the attention of listeners. But how?

(Read the next question)

Radio exposure will help you reach new fans. Our DJs direct listeners directly to your website or music outlets where they can buy your music.

There is no other unique artist opportunity business like ours already in place.

The music business has changed dramatically over the years. It was time for someone to create a way for independent music artist to have a voice.

Other unheard of (“new”) ideas in the past 12 years: Tik-Tok, Instagram, Pintrist, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and many others.

Big music companies want listeners to buy music from the artists they promote. Listeners can hear to the same ‘ol (but great) 100 artists they have been listening to for years... or they can now hear brand-new, original music from you and other up and coming artists.

With Songwriter’s Radio Network, you now have the opportunity to tell the backstory of your songs and in your own voice if you’d like. Listeners love that!

Simple. We’re here to introduce you to new listeners. We bring new listeners to you.

Most of us have jobs. As artists, we want to promote our songs. But, how do we get our songs out to the masses? This is the reason Songwriter’s Radio Network was created.

We will play two of your original songs. Each artist receives a custom-made, 10-minute "Featured Artist” segment, which will include two of your songs and the backstory of those songs, and where listeners can find you. This will help to grow your fan base. Remember, fans buy music!

Songwriter’s Radio Network is currently only promoting original, Country music. This includes:

Old Country, New Country, Country Rock, Country Pop. There are other crossover genres which blur the lines, such as Country Bluegrass, and Country Gospel. Let us hear if your music is right for the station!

Only original country songs by unsigned artists and writers will be accepted. Songs will be reviewed for content and quality.

Yes! All songs played on Songwriter’s Radio Network must be your originals, or the original of a writer of which you have their explicit permission to perform.

Songwriters are of course allowed to perform their own material or have another vocalist perform their work.

Not necessarily. We will consider a vocal and solo instrument. In any case, the recording needs to be professional. (Many home studio recordings will certainly qualify.)

Absolutely! However, you will need to have recorded two original songs by an unsigned writer who has given you explicit permission to record and broadcast their songs. Remember, no cover songs allowed.

Yes, if the songs are original and the performance is good and overall quality meets our standards.

We currently have four professional DJs who will build your custom 10-minute Featured Artist segments. Two DJs are currently based in Southern California, one is located in Crimea, and one is in Portugal.

As we grow, we will round out with several other DJs in various locations around the world.

Our acceptance policy is simple:

1) Only original songs

2) No profanity

3) High quality recordings

4) A quality performance

5) Recorded levels within range (-2dB to —8dB)

No cover songs are allowed. Remember that we are only here to promote Songwriters and singer/songwriters.

The short answer? Absolutly not. All songs must be of a suitable quality to be broadcast to our listeners. 

You don’t need to record at an expensive commercial recording studio, but a voice and guitar through an iPhone won’t cut it.

Possibly. The definition of “Country Music” anymore touches on other genres. You can submit your songs and let us have a listen. If they fit, we’ll play them. If not, we’ll let you know why. We are only accepting Country Music songs at this time. We may expand into different genres in the future.

Congratulations! But if you already have a publishing deal, you probably don’t need our promotion. Our focus is to promote unsigned artists, giving them a voice, and hopefully a record or publishing deal along the way too.

Never. Any sales you make because of Songwriter’s Radio Network are completely and forever yours. (Well, the IRS may want a piece of your success…)

During 2023, your songs will play at random times during your paid period.

In the future, you will be given a schedule of when your songs will play in your time zone. We will encourage you to share that link with your friends and fans on all of your social media sites.

Man! I hate commercials! No commercials on my station!

A website is still a great way for listeners to find you. (Every major artist has one.) Songwriter’s Radio Network will allow listeners to contact us directly and with your permission, we will give them any of your contact info you would like.

Your songs should be 3-4 minutes in length. This will allow our DJs to create your custom 10-minute show, playing your two songs and filling in the rest of the time with your background story and where listeners can find you to purchase your music.

Great! Congratulations! We hope you will tell other songwriter’s about Songwriter’s Radio Network. One of our hopes is that your exposure will lead to a publishing deal for you! We will never ask for any kind of percentage of anything you make.

The short answer? Yes. For your protection and ours we will only play original songs. Our contract states that your songs are original by an unsigned songwriter. You will find this on the “Launch Your Career” page. There are no other contracts or obligations.

If your songs are not accepted, we will let you know why. Your songs will be reviewed by an audio engineer and producer. Possible reasons for not being accepted are:

1) Excessively low or high recording levels

2) Outside of “Country” music category

3) Profanity

4) Poor recording or mix

5) Substandard performance

We accept;

1) WAV


3) High quality Mp3 (192 or better)

Anyone with an internet connection can listen. We will send you a link to the station for you to post on all of your social media platforms and on any emails or text messages.

The more artists we have, the greater exposure you will have. It’s a win-win!

We are developing FREE apps for Apple and Android devices.

Yes! Two songs at a time will be promoted in each Featured Artist Segment. Artists may purchase more than one Featured Artist Segment.